GoldenPeaks Capital

We are a global investment group dedicated to creating value and delivering growth through our international affiliates, primarily in the energy generation and activist investment sectors.


Built on a strong foundation of intellectual and financial capital, GoldenPeaks Capital (GPC) has over 40 years of entrepreneurship at its core, with particular focus on real estate, company restructuring and activist investment in the capital markets. Over the last decade, GPC has brought this expertise to the fore of the clean energy sector. Our well-established team thrive in an environment that rewards independent thinking and passionate commitment, and our approach ensures replicable successes.
Our Attributes

Green Energy

The development of scaled, cost-effective, clean energy initiatives is essential in mitigating the effects of climate change. The opportunities are immense and at GoldenPeaks Capital we are leading the way in these technologies. We have participated in clean energy plants from Europe to South America for over 15 years and are now the largest independent power producers in Poland and Hungary.

At GoldenPeaks Capital, solar installations, supported by advanced storage systems and Power Purchase Agreement mechanisms, will be the future of our clean energy portfolio.
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Solar energy is a key and cost-effective vector for solving the world’s energy problems. Now scaled internationally, it has real world potential to address global warming threats. GoldenPeaks provides a unique total service for rapid, reliable deployment, particularly in the European arena.


Wind energy is an important part of the global clean energy initiative. When the economics align, GoldenPeaks Capital has the expertise to act quickly and implement wind projects at scale. Current development projects are under way in Europe and South America.


Clean energy technologies are now evolving more quickly and developments in hybrid and storage technologies will bring about great expansion in the near future – developments that are sure to make fossil fuels obsolete. Green hydrogen will also offer a whole new spectrum of energy production opportunity.
GoldenPeaks Capital Energy
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Activist Investing

For over 20 years, GoldenPeaks Capital has thrived as a high-performance investment boutique operating in the UK, Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands. Through activist ownership, we combine business and investment expertise in a specific, highly proactive and constructive way. Our approach has always been to be bold and energised, identifying opportunities to close valuation gaps in fundamentally sound publicly listed companies while identifying strategies to optimise potential.
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Our Pillars
GoldenPeaks Capital Activist Investing
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Legal, Tax & Fiduciary

GoldenPeaks Capital Services is our in-house legal, tax and fiduciary company based at our head office in Malta. We offer not only services relating to GoldenPeaks Capital’s core business activities (energy, investing, real estate), but also advice concerning structuring, financing and planning; licensing and IP rights; wealth and estate planning.
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GoldenPeaks Capital Services
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The GoldenPeaks Capital Foundation is dedicated to helping children in poorer countries across the globe, improving their healthcare and education and providing them with better life opportunity. For Adriano Agosti and his family, who initiated and run the Foundation, children embody the future, and nurturing  them ensures the greatest growth of all.
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GoldenPeaks Capital Foundation
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Adriano Agosti
Founder & Chairman
Adriano is a career business developer, strategist and entrepreneur, with a highly successful record in activist investing, fund management, real estate development and business turnarounds. He is responsible for the strategy of GoldenPeaks: for identifying opportunities and maximising performance across the group.
Daniel Tain
Founder & President
Daniel is a successful entrepreneur, focussing on real estate and energy for the last 20 years. Daniel leads the group’s mergers and acquisitions operations and manages the key relationships with investment partners and finance houses. Prior to founding GoldenPeaks, Daniel was a partner at one of the UK’s largest law firms.


Principal Offices

Maltese Office
260, Triq San Albert
Gzira GZR 1150

Swiss Office
Schochenmühlestrasse 4
CH-6340 Baar